3 Devices to Remotely Monitor Elderly People

3 Devices to Remotely Monitor Elderly People

The ability to stay in one’s home instead of a nursing home is becoming more and more of a preferred and attainable lifestyle choice of elderly people.   It is a positive and empowering concept in our era with the involvement and engagement of our family members, technology advances, home modifications and countless care-giving services.

Many elderly people want to maintain a level of independence and continue doing the things they can do for themselves. However, seniors are sometimes worried about medical emergencies or other accidents that might happen to them, especially when they are alone or away from their family.

Here are 3 devices that remotely monitor our elderly and give us peace of mind that everything is doing fine.

  1. Medical Alert Device- Alert 1 Medical Alert Systems

A medical alert device is usually designed to wear around the neck or with an additional protective case that allows for wear on belt or wrist. Most falls happen in the bathroom, thus the pendant is waterproof.  The pendant has a button that you press to notify the call center when you have medical emergency or when you fall. Then the call center sends you help and contact your loved one immediately. This device is ideal for people especially seniors who live alone –it helps seniors to go by their  lives independently knowing help is just a button away in case of emergency.

  1. Automatic Pill Dispenser- Med Minder

Seniors have occasional forgetfulness or memory lapses which is a normal sign of aging. They may tend to forget to take their medicine or take too much or too little or mix up the dosage. A med minder is a digital device that reminds you to take your medicine and also dispenses it. You or a loved one or a caregiver should fill the box, then she goes online, writes and records schedule of your medication. When it is time for your medication, it will beep if you forget to take your pills. If you’re not able to hear the beep, a prerecorded voice will remind you to take your medicine. You will receive a call reminding you to take your pills and your family member is also notified by email, a phone call, or a text if you still do not take the pills.  This med minder is a persistently reminding you to take your pills.

  1. Remote Care System- GrandCare Systems

It is a suite of technologies, a versatile system enabling your family members, caregivers and healthcare professionals monitor you remotely. It allows your loved ones or caregiver to access or monitor your daily activity and health information in real time.  You don’t need to be computer savvy to fully engage because the features are all touchscreen.  What makes this device more interesting is  that, it has other features like social media to connect with your loved ones, web based entertainment like video games to exercise your brain, funny videos to make you laugh and music to soothe you.

Seniors don’t have to live in despair, but  with the involvement of their loved ones, acceptance of a new lifestyle, readiness to change and adaptability will allow them to live to the fullest.

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