3 Leisure Activities to Have a Longer Life

3 Leisure Activities to Have a Longer Life

Aside from physical exercise, researchers have found many leisure activities that have health and longevity benefits. Leisure activities are known to increase the sense of purpose and well being of the elderly.

Stress has a direct impact and close link with age-related illnesses. Leisure activities will act as a stress reliever for seniors, thus lowering their risk to some health issues such as dementia.

Here are the 3 leisure activities to try for a long and a happy life.

  1. Social Activities

Engaging in social activities will keep the older people physically, mentally and emotionally healthy which will contribute to long and happy life.  Walking is not only a good exercise, but also a good social activity. Seniors can walk with their friends and have a chance to walk and talk with them. Seniors can also enroll in dance or singing classes, writing classes, gym or sports club. Dancing for example, is a good social activity because it usually involves a dance partner. Plus, dancing is good for the heart and joints, as well as in making them mentally alert which can lower the risk of dementia. Their skills will be enhanced while keeping a healthy social life that will strengthen their body and improve their mental health.

  1. Productive Activities

Staying productive even in senior years will give them a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Aside from the activities of daily living that they can perform, such as eating, bathing and dressing, it is best to stay them involve with other activities such as cooking or gardening. If their health permits, they can do volunteer work in a library or work as a part-timer.

  1. Mental Activities

Senior years are the time for leisure and relaxation but, not for their brains because brains need continuous stimulation regardless of the age. A fun activity for the brain must be done to keep their brain challenge and sharp. Reading and writing will definitely keep their brain active. But aside from reading and writing they’ve been doing for years, they must find new hobbies that will challenge their mind in fun and exciting ways. Now, is the best time for them to do crossword puzzles and board games, which is a great way for bonding, too. For those seniors who have never thought they are artistic enough may try painting. They may also try arts and crafts activities that will not only engage their minds but also their hand and eye coordination as well. A great way to bond with their grandkids is by playing card games and board games and by telling their stories to them. Encourage your senior parents to recollect all those great stories and memories and tell them to write them down to challenge their memory and practice their writing and spelling. Support your parents if they want to learn something new. Keeping their minds stimulated and tapping new sections in their brains are beneficial for their overall health and longevity.

Seniors may not want to be old, but being old has perks too. Their children are already grown up and finally, they have more time for themselves and do the things they’ve always wanted to do. Let them live to the fullest by taking care of their physical, mental and social well-being.

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