3 Simple Ways Seniors Can Help Preparing for Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner and it is a wonderful opportunity to make it extra special for our senior loved ones. Allowing our seniors to get involved in the preparation for Thanksgiving celebration could mean a lot to them.  They will be excited to contribute and at the same time, you get some help too.

Here are three simple yet meaningful ways your senior loved ones can help in preparing for Thanksgiving.

1.Creating Awesome Thanksgiving Decorations

Creating and working together on awesome crafts and decorations that reflect the Thanksgiving season is a great opportunity to bond with your seniors loved ones, and at the same time make them feel useful and needed in the process.  If elderly loved ones enjoy making their own Thanksgiving decorations, perhaps they can create a Give Thanks- burlap banner which is a fun craft to do with the grandkids.  Working together on fun crafts and decors can be valuable for your seniors loved ones, especially if they used to host parties and holiday gatherings—it is also a great way to promote social activities for seniors.

2. Setting the Thanksgiving Table

Invite your senior loved ones to set the table — consider the Thanksgiving table decorating ideas your elderly loved one wants to create, whether it is knitting, crocheting or sewing a set of placemats and a table runner. You can also add a lace tablecloth, candles, fresh flowers, pine cones and other fall-inspired decorations to add color and pattern to your Thanksgiving table setting.  Setting the table is a great opportunity to spend quality time together and at the same time help them feel valued and appreciated by the family members.

3.Choosing the Thanksgiving Menu

Include your senior loved ones when planning the menu; after all, they have vast experience in hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Involve your senior when planning your menu; take the time to sit down with them prior to the celebration. Consider what they most want to eat— and choose the foods that everyone will love and enjoy. The traditional Thanksgiving meal includes roast turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, pumpkin and apple pie which can be served in a disposable wooden plate with happy Thanksgiving print.  Consider also creating a colorful platter of fresh fruits and vegetables with low or fat- free dips. You can also serve the favorite beverages in gold-rimmed disposable cups, which are simpler and safer, yet elegant substitute to glass cups — you don’t need to worry about dangerous breakage that may spoil your Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving is certainly to be an enjoyable, exciting and memorable occasion when you get older adults involved in the process. The senior loved ones in your life should not be taken out of the equation in family activities as much as possible. Allowing them to take part in family activities could help improve the overall quality of life of seniors.

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