3 Ways Seniors Can Benefit From Technology

3 Ways Seniors Can Benefit From Technology

Technology offers tremendous benefits to all people, both young and old. However, for elderly people, using new advances and learning to operate them can be overwhelming.  Although, many seniors may get intimidated to keep abreast of the fast pace changing of technology, there are countless ways that technology can provide seniors easier and happier life.

Here are 3 ways seniors can benefit from technology.

  1. Connection and Communication

Laptops and smartphones have usually  built in webcam, thus with the use of internet connection, your senior loved ones can communicate with you more easily.  All you have to do is to download apps like Skype, Face Time, Facebook and Viber—you’ve got everything to chat with your loved ones and see them face to face. Video chats are a great way to connect with your loved ones across the miles and these programs enable you to visually keep track of any physical changes to your loved ones.  Also, video chat can help you meet caregivers and communicate with them regularly.

  1. Safety and Protection

With advancements in technology, seniors living independently don’t have to fear in their own home and even family members don’t need to worry about the safety of their elderly loved ones. Personal monitoring devices such as: wireless home security systems that notifies you if the doors or windows are not locked in your senior parent’s  home  or if an intruder is detected, Alert1 Medical Alert Systems that your elderly parent can call for help by  simply pressing  the red button on their  Alert1 pendant, bracelet, wireless room button, or base unit in case of a fall.

  1. Fun and Entertainment

With the use of laptop, smartphone or tablet, seniors just like young people can play and enjoy challenging video games or watch their favorite shows and films through streaming or Smart TV.  With the use of the Internet, seniors can find new topics and delve deeper into areas of interest. For instance, if they are interested in bible journaling, you can buy them journal gift set and they can look for some awesome ideas from Pinterest and other similar websites to help them get started in designing their journals and notebooks.

There are numerous ways seniors can benefit from the advancement of technology, so let’s help them learn to fully utilize technology for more comfort and convenience in their senior years.

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