3 Ways to Make Your Elderly Parent Feel Love

3 Ways to Make Your Elderly Parent Feel Love

Making your elderly parent feel love is vital — it leads them to a happier and lasting life. They love us unconditionally and they genuinely care for us. So, we must do all things to reciprocate their love.

Here are some tips to make your elderly feel more loved and valued.

Visit them regularly.

Our elderly parent is prone to boredom, loneliness, anxiety and depression, so make time to visit them regularly in their home. Make your visit more memorable and meaningful by engaging in some activities together such as watching movies, walking in the park, doing art and craft at home, gardening, etc. If you are living away from them, make them feel love and value by sending letters, cards or email.

Respect them.

Show respect to your elderly parent and be polite to them. Talk to them in a kind and calm manner and give your full attention when they talk. We all have different perspectives and our elderly parent lives in a different generation so, we must accept and respect their point and views. Serve your parents with respect, provide for their needs, help them with household chores, cook for them and always offer to help them.

Know their love language.

It is important that you know your elderly parent’s love language. Knowing these things will make things easy for you to have a good relationship with them. Affirm your love for them by spending quality time with them, write them simple notes or give them gifts on their birthday, Christmas or special occasions such as apparel, jewelry, books or a medical alert device or fall detection device that is very useful for the elderly.

Don’t assume that your elderly parent knows that you love them. Always remind them how much you love them and always put your words into action.  Take them to a date with you, ask how they feel, kiss, hug them and share your life with them.


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