4 Benefits of Keeping a Journal for Seniors

4 Benefits of Keeping a Journal for Seniors

For many teenagers and younger adults, journaling daily activities and experiences is a great hobby, but it is also a great idea for seniors. Elderly people are going through a lot of change in their lives during their retirement, thus making journals are more valuable.

Here are four ways seniors may benefit from using journals.

  1. It Enhances Memory.

Memory decline and memory loss are a common problem among seniors, but reading and writing can help improve brain power and fight forgetfulness. According to a study, those seniors engage in mentally stimulating activities like reading, writing and scrapbooking have a slower rate of mental decline compared to those who only engaged in average-level mental activities. Also, journaling can be a reference or a tool to elderly people struggling with forgetfulness.

  1. It Helps Relieve Stress.

A study has shown that writing about difficult life experiences and troubling events doesn’t just help you heal emotionally, but it can help treat physical conditions as well. Expressing our deepest emotions and overwhelming thoughts in writing can be a great tool to reduce stress and anxiety.  By writing down your thoughts and feelings in a journal, you can have more clarity and you don’t have to think about them constantly anymore.

  1. It Improves Hand Dexterity.

Arthritis is a common health issue among seniors.  Thus, it is vital that seniors stay active and use their joints and muscles including their hands to fight this issue. Journaling is a fun way to exercise the joints and muscles of your hands by picking and wielding a pen. When you write with a pen or pencil, gripping and maneuvering the pen can help improve dexterity.

  1. It Displays Creativity.

A Journal isn’t all about recording your daily activities and thoughts, but it is a great tool to express and display your creativity. You can use a journal as your creative outlet — to write down poems or songs you’ve composed, to compile photos and memories of the places you’ve visited, enhance your drawing and coloring skills.  There are limitless possibilities you can use journal to display your creativity and originality.

Keeping a journal is extremely beneficial for elderly people to stay active and happy, so make it a point to include a set of creative journal goodies and tools for your gifts on holidays or just a simple token of appreciation for their love and care.

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