4 Tips to Make Your Home Fall-Proof

4 Tips to Make Your Home Fall-Proof

According to studies, falls are the number one cause of injuries in elderly. As caregivers, we want to keep our loved ones safe at home. And if you are worried about them falling, you can make many changes in your home that will help avoid falls and ensure their safety.

Here are the 4 tips to make your home fall-proof:

  1. Floor Traction
  • Floor traction is the basic way, but the number one key to prevent falls. Secure all carpets to the floor and cover hardwood with anchored carpet. This will give your older parents a softer surface and will give more traction around the house.
  • It’s also time to get rid of those high-pile carpets or any items from hallways and stairs that can pose as tripping hazards. Remove all throw rugs, but if your parents still want a rug for their room, buy a non slip rug pad or rug anchors that help prevent slips and trips.
  • As a general rule, every carpet or rug in your house should not be moved easily instead it must require some effort to move or adjust.
  1. Make your Home Easy to Navigate
  • Aside from floor traction, your home must be easy to navigate too. Make a plenty of open space in your home. Arrange all the furniture to provide a wider space for them to move around and walk freely. Remove all the furniture that’s only in the room just for decoration.
  • Make your home well lit. Having a good lighting is simple, but one of the best ways to avoid falls and trips. Every part and room of your home should have adequate lighting especially the stairs. In case they wake up in the middle of night, be sure to have night-lights and put it in the hallways, bathroom and kitchen.
  • Most commonly used items such as food, keys and clothes must be readily available and accessible. Do not put it in high cabinets as this can result to fall when they reach items that are placed in a higher area. Talk to your parents to know the things that they always need and make it accessible for them.
  1. Ensure that Stairs and Bathroom are Secure
  • Stairways, staircases and bathroom are the most dangerous area in the home for seniors and most common area that falls usually occur. Stairs in your home must have at least two railings for easy grip while climbing and descending the stairs. Non-slip adhesive strips must be applied to the stairs too.
  • Bathtub, toilet and shower must have grab bars as well. Grab bars should be installed on both the inside and outside of your tub and shower and near toilets. Rubber mats or non-slip strips must be placed on the floor of your shower or bathtub. Be conscious of drips from the faucets and showers which can act as a tripping hazard.
  1. Go the Extra Mile
  • Your elderly parent must be able to reach someone in case a fall happens. Consider having a fall detection device if you are concerned about falling. If they fall or need emergency help, they will push a button on the bracelet or necklace to alert and get help. There are many devices and brands to choose from and so review the best one and give it to your loved one.
  • Professional home care services can be also considered. They can fall-proof your home and they can complete tasks for your loved ones, thus reducing the risk of falls and injury. Health care providers can assess your home’s safety and can make changes to your home to prevent falls.

Make sure that your home is always safe and secure for your elderly parents. Prevention of injuries and falls must start in your home since this is where seniors spend most of their time.

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