5 Awesome Valentine's Day Ideas for Your Senior Loved Ones

5 Awesome Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Senior Loved Ones

Valentine’s Day is coming! Yes, the month of February is one of the most anticipated times of the year and we even refer to it as “the month of love”.  Though Valentine’s Day is considered the most romantic season, it may bring sadness and sorrow for seniors who may have lost or missed their significant other.

Here are 5 awesome Valentine’s Day ideas to bring love and cheer to your senior loved ones.

  1. Create a Romantic Family Dinner.

 Make an extra effort this Valentine’s Day and set up a special family dinner at home for your senior loved one. Dress up for the night and decorate the dining table by putting a lace Valentine Heart print table runner and flickering candles to add ambiance and glamour to your family dinner– bringing the family together for a nice meal can bring joy to elderly.  However, appetite loss in elderly is common due to change in their taste buds, so ask your senior loved one what to eat, and if possible allow them to help you in the process.

  1. Show Them Your Love and Appreciation.

There are so many ways to express your love and appreciation to your senior loved one such as: send them sweet notes and flowers, show and reaffirm your affection with hugs and kisses, and kind words that you are grateful to have them, surprise them with special gifts they will cherish, help them do some home repairs, whether they live at home or in a senior community, find time to help them decorate their space with Valentine’s decorations like love blocks or love train to create love and welcoming atmosphere. Doing these simple, little things can go a long way and can set your loved one’s heart aflame.

  1. Listen to Their Stories.

Spend time together and have a healthy and fun conversation with your senior loved ones.  Elderly people have lots of fond memories and valuable stories to tell– their long years of life experience are certainly worth listening to. And according to experts, reminiscing or storytelling about their past events is beneficial for seniors.

  1. Plan a vacation/travel together.

This doesn’t necessarily need to be on Valentine’s Day, but planning to travel or vacation together to their favorite city or vacations for seniors is an awesome way to spend quality time with your senior loved one. However, when planning a vacation or travel, ensure to bring the essential things like their medications, appropriate clothing and medical alert systems to ensure safety and comfort.

  1. Accompany Them to Visit Friends/Relatives.

Seeing a familiar face after so many years and catching up with old friends can bring cheer and delight to your elderly parents. They may not be able to see their friends and relatives as much as they want, so you can accompany them to meet outside to have lunch or dinner.  You can make reservations at their favorite restaurant and accompany them — this small gesture will certainly set their heart aflame.  Isolation and loneliness are widespread among seniors, and reconnecting with old friends is a great way to help your senior loved one to socialize.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic couples, but it is a celebration for all!  Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your senior loved ones to show that they are not alone.

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