5 Simple Ways to Prevent Snoring

Snoring can happen at any point in life, but as you age it intensifies. In fact, older adult’s muscle tone decreases and that is one of the reasons why they snore more. Women, in particular, when they are menopause have many hormonal changes. These include decreased progesterone that causes weight gain making the throat narrower which causes snoring. Though aging is inevitable there are tricks to help you to tone down the noise when sleeping. Here are some:

  1. Sleep Position

Changing your sleep position acts as a natural way to prevent snoring. Sleeping on your back makes the base of your tongue and soft palate collapse to the back wall of your throat thus causing vibrating sounds as you sleep. It is best that you sleep not on your back, but on your side. You may use a full-length body pillow that supports your entire body to maintain sleeping on your side. Try this tonight and see the dramatic difference. 

  1. Lose Weight

As we age, we put on weight. Our pattern of weight changes and often gain weight around the neck and the throat space becomes narrower which makes the snoring sound. Having a healthy weight will not just help you in preventing snoring, but also in your overall health as well.

  1. Exercise

In general, exercise can help with snoring problems. Toning your various body muscles such as arms, legs and abs leads to toning your muscles in your throat too, which contributes to less snoring. You can also try specific exercise for the muscles in your throat. A fun and simple exercise for your throat muscles is by singing. Singing increases muscle control in the throat and soft palate, which reduces snoring caused by lax muscles. Sing out your heart loud and keep that loud snore away.

  1. Avoid Alcohol, sleeping pills and sedatives

Consumption of alcohol, sleeping pills and sedative will make your snoring worse. Taking these 4 to 5 hours before sleeping, contributes to snoring since it reduces the resting tone of the muscles in your back throat which makes you to snore more. No alcohol, sleeping pills and sedatives before sleeping and you will experience less snoring.

  1. Anti-snoring Mouth Appliance

You may also try anti-snoring mouthpiece. It resembles an athlete’s mouth guard and will help open your airway by bringing your lower jaw and your tongue forward during sleep and in doing so, prevent your throat muscles from collapsing back into your airways. Oral appliances are available online such as VitalSleep anti-snoring device which treats snoring and improves breathing with the doctor recommended, FDA-cleared snoring solution.

  1. Consult your doctor.

Just the same with alcohol, some medications may relax your muscles, including your throat muscles causing you to snore.  So, you may consider asking your doctor for possible medicinal alternatives if you believe your snoring may be caused or intensified by medications. 

As you get older, sleep is more important than ever and you want to have an uninterrupted and sound sleep every night.  Follow these simple tips to have a good night’s sleep.

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