5 Tips for Seniors to Stay Active

5 Tips for Seniors to Stay Active

Being old doesn’t equate to a poor quality of life. Understanding what’s going on with your body and how to deal with the changes are the keys for healthy and happy aging. Having an active lifestyle even if you are already seniors, can help you stay independent and keep you fit as you age. If you are active in your younger years, don’t fret as you can still be active even in your senior years.

Here are 5 tips for seniors to stay active.

  1. Exercise

Regular exercises are already proven to have many benefits such as reduced risk of chronic diseases, better management of existing health conditions and faster recovery from illness. Make your exercise fun by choosing exciting and enjoyable exercise activities that you find interesting and of course manageable. Always be guided by your doctor’s advice about how frequently and how long to exercise. You can also wear devices that can track your vital signs and can send help when needed.

  1. Walking

Staying independent, healthy and mobile are your goals as you age and the key to that is walking. So, start walking now! Aside from the health benefits of walking, researches have shown that walking has some surprising benefits like boosts your immune function, eases joint pain, reduces the effects of weight promoting genes and tames your sweets cravings. If it is summer and heat is too much or winter and you want to avoid the ice and cold, why not go for a walk in the mall. Have a fun walking by window shopping! And remember, just keep walking and stay fit!

  1. Sports

There are plenty of other ways to be fit and stay in shape. Lots of older adults are still doing challenging physical activities even in their 70’s such as tennis, mountain biking and skiing. For less demanding sports on your joints, you can do biking, swimming or golf. Check with your physician first if you will be doing challenging sports and make sure to have a wearable device that can track your vital signs. Wearable devices let you know when to ask for medical assistance.

  1. Gardening

If you are not into exercise or sports, you can try gardening. Gardening maintains your flexibility and mobility as well as it increases your physical levels of activity. Depending on you, you can make gardening as simple or as challenging as you  want. Gardening can bring endless joy of selecting, planting, weeding, feeding, harvesting and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Be proud as you make salad from your own garden and add some few herbs from your window sill. Make your table presentable and beautiful as you decorate it with fresh flowers from your garden. Gardening will bring joy to you, as well as on your table.

  1. Get a Pet

Studies have shown that owning a pet help seniors to have improve physical health and feel better, so, have a pet of your own now. Your walk will be more enjoyable if shared with your furry friends. Pets also can give you companionship and a sense of purpose. As well as, making you more active by taking dogs for a regular and longer walks. Walking with your pets helps keep joints moving, which is advisable for people with conditions which prevent them from engaging in more strenuous physical activity such as arthritis. Having a pet will also bring new social life by interacting with other pet parents.

Doing these activities will make you fit and healthy, but don’t forget that your safety is still a priority. You can wear devices that help you track your breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. Having an on-the-go medical alert that you can wear as a necklace or wear on your belt is a great tool too! By just pushing the medical alert button, it can send help on the go. It has also a fall detection that automatically detects falls and calls for help.

Start being active and safe today, feel great, be happy and healthier too. Kudos, to being active despite your old age! Keep it up, seniors!

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