5 Tools and Gadgets to Help You Stay Organized

5 Tools and Gadgets to Help You Stay Organized

Life can be so hectic nowadays and we all have trouble staying organized from time to time. Nevertheless, by staying organized, you make life more easily in the long run — you will save time looking for your stuff, reduce your stress level, increase your productivity and ensure you do not forget anything important

Here are 5 tools to help you stay organized more easily.

  1. Wireless Key Locator

Nutale Nut3 Key Finder Locator will make sure you don’t waste time looking for stuff. It is a wireless key finder with Smart Bluetooth Item Tracker & Finder Device for wallet, phone, and even for your furry friends (dogs and cats).  So if you lose your keys, don’t worry! With find-it mode, you can make the Nut on the keys ring using your smartphone.  Left your wallet somewhere? With Anti-Lost Bidirectional Alarm Reminder, it will issue an alarm if the Nut on your wallet is disconnected from the phone. The wireless key finder will record the location and time of the last disconnection of the map, making it easy to look for lost items. However, report lost through the Nut App if you cannot still find your item/s, so all working Nut apps will scan items around them automatically, and when they locate it you will get notification where it is found.

  1. Pill Organizer

Sagely Smart XL Weekly Pill Organizer is a twice a day pill box with free Smartphone Reminder App so you never miss to take a dose.  This organizer is perfect if you are looking for an extra large pill organizer—it is large enough to fit large pills such as Vitamin D, Calcium, Fish Oil and Multivitamins and supplements.

  1. Carbon Fiber Wallet

It’s easy to get lost and disorganized if you don’t have a wallet for your cards and cash. If you are looking for a wallet to get your organized, ARW Wallet is just perfect for men.

  • Made of high-quality Carbon fiber material, more durable and better than alloy.
  • RFID blocking wallet to keep your private information and credit card safe from scanning devices of criminals.
  • Only weighs1OZ, which is thinner than typical wallets.
  • Fashionable and convenient wallet.
  • Designed for up to 15 cards 5 folded bills – can hold all your cards and clip money at the same time.
  1. Money Management App

Overspending your money is one of the negative effects of being unorganized.  You can easily avoid overspending by getting a money management app like Mint to record your monthly bills and record your expenses.  The Money management app will send reminders before your bills become due so you can deposit money to your account. Also, you can track your expenses so you’ll determine exactly where your money goes and how you can curb your spending.

  1. Journal, Planner or Calendar

Stay organized with a journal, planner or calendar so you can track your schedules, goals, future plans, thoughts, ideas and many more.  There are so many things running in our mind and it can be difficult to remember and balance everything we have to do, thus writing those things in a journal allows you more clarity and helps keep your entire life on track while lowering your stress level of forgetting or neglecting anything important.


Let’s face it, staying organized isn’t easy and we need to admit that we need gadgets and tools to help organize our life—to improve our quality of life.

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