5 Travel Hacks for Seniors on next Escapade

5 Travel Hacks for Seniors on next Escapade

As they say, “Age is just a number”, and so, it must not stop you from going on your dream vacation. Your senior years must not slow you down. In fact, you can still have the most exciting adventure in your time even if you are growing older. You are never too old to explore the world, for seniors who love to travel, here are 5 hacks to help you on your next escapade.

  1. Best Time to Travel

If you can travel anytime you want, try to avoid the peak season. It’s smart to go for the shoulder season, which includes the travel period between peak and off-peak seasons. By doing this, you avoid the crowds, the heat of the summer and all the exhausting things about travel.

  1. Pack Lightly
  • Packing light is extremely important for seniors. Take fewer clothes and just do the laundry more often when travelling to lighten your baggage. When you pack light, you will feel younger because you do not have to carry heavy and large items that will just waste your energy. Try to fit it all in one suitcase so you will not wrestle with too many items. If you bring a second bag, make it small so you can just put on top of your wheeled bag.
  • If you wear eyeglasses or contact lens or hearing aids, bring an extra pair and batteries. If you are not tech savvy, bring a notebook that is handy for writing important details such as the name of the hotel that you will be staying or the train locations. It will lessen your fears about forgetting, since you have a reminder notebook on hand, which will make your mind at ease and clear.
  • Also, don’t forget to bring your medical devices such as fall detection device and medical alert devices when you travel. Your greatest concern when travelling is your safety and comfort, so be sure to make everything available when you need it and remember to pack the essential while keeping it light.
  1. Medications

Are you taking medications? Make sure to bring enough supply of medications with you when you travel. Nobody will enjoy their vacation if they know that they do not have their much needed medicine. Though it may not be difficult to find a pharmacy to buy your medications, it may be time-consuming and some medications such as supplements or vitamins may not be available abroad in the same form you are used to.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist, about proper storage of your medicines and also ask for a prescription with generic names and bring it with you, so it won’t be a problem if ever you need to buy one.

     4. Discounts and Specials Services

Growing old has perks too. By just showing your gray hair you can avail discount at many places, transportation tickets and even in some events like concerts. Always ask about discounts and you might be surprised to snag one.

If you are availing group tour, you can request to join you in a tour with other active seniors. With this, you can enjoy at a more relaxed pace which allows you to explore more. There are many guided tours that are specializing for senior needs.

     5. Just Relax and Take It Easy

Don’t push yourself too hard! Though you want to see all the sights, take pictures and dig in all the culture, take time to rest when you are tired. The purpose of the trip is to make you relax so, you need to still take care of yourself. Try to make time for siesta, or give yourself time to rest. Set time to rest and recuperate on your vacation.

Always put in mind not to risk your own health when you are travelling, instead make it a priority even if you are on a vacation.

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