6 Pro Tips to Help Seniors Overcome Post-Holiday Blues

6 Pro Tips to Help Seniors Overcome Post-Holiday Blues

The holiday season sparks a joyful feeling inside of us. The twinkling lights, holiday songs that bring back childhood memories, the traditional food dishes and sweet treats, the wonderful hot drinks to sip, heaps of food to savor, the decorations that adorn your home, gift-giving and opening of holiday presents, family get-togethers and endless laughter over fun holiday stories, all of these are things and activities that make the holiday season so festive and joyous. But after the New Year’s Day, once the festivities end, the feeling of happiness can be replaced with feelings of isolation, loneliness, and depression for many seniors.

Here are 6 tips to and get back in the groove.

1. Stay in Touch.

Despite your busy schedule with your work and family, strive to stay connected with your senior loved one by making regular phone calls or video calls and set time for personal visits. Perhaps you can schedule a visit before January ends and as much as you can bring their grandchildren and have some fun activities like board games and reading books. According to a study, seniors with grandchildren are more likely to stay active and happy.

2. Learn Something New.

For some older adults, anxiety, isolation and depression can be aggravated when they are idle. Encourage your senior loved ones to learn a new skill or take up a hobby like journaling, arts, and crafts or baking that can provide a challenge that is fun, and can help them stay active and happy. Seniors who are active have a greater sense of fulfillment and are happier with their daily lives. Find hobbies and recreational activities for seniors to keep them mentally and physically active.

3. Take Personal Health Inventory.

Maybe your senior loved one gained extra pounds in extra calories they consumed during the holidays or cracked a tooth eating sweet treats or they did not get adequate sleep during the holidays that contribute to feeling more lethargic and anxious. The New Year represents a new and fresh start and January is the best time for our senior loved ones to undergo annual physical and dental check-ups and see what is wrong with them.. Perhaps you can buy VitaSleep to help them get a good night’s rest and prevent the risk of falls.

4. Set New Year’s Goals.

Helping our senior loved ones set New Year’s resolutions like to eat healthier, exercise regularly, see their health provider on a regular basis, keep a good skincare routine, quit smoking, limit alcohol and get adequate sleep can help them feel better and healthier for many more years to come.

5. Get Socially Active.

Social interactions help our body to release happy hormones such as serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine- natural mood lifters in the body. Give your senior loved one a 2020 calendar/ agenda planner where they can schedule their social activities like a dance club or yoga class that enables them to socialize and help them remain active and enjoy life.

6. Give Back.

Giving back is an awesome way to beat the blues and depression. Volunteering to help others and getting involved in a local charity work that is most significant to your senior loved ones can enrich and expand their lives. Studies have shown that seniors who impart their time and skills for a good cause can have a better and happier life.

Holiday hangovers are common to all of us, but more particularly for older adults who are living alone. Ensure to boost your senior loved one’s spirit with these simple tips to help them overcome post-holiday blues and gladly move on this year 2020.


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