6 Winter Activities for Seniors

6 Winter Activities for Seniors

Winter is almost here! With the cold and severe weather, opportunities to get outside become limited and can put older adults at risk of loneliness and social isolation during winter. Isolation in the elderly can take a toll on the senior’s quality of life.

Here are 6 activities to keep seniors active, engaged and happy this winter season.

1. Dancing

Dancing does not only benefit young people, but older adults as well. Dancing is one of the most fantastic ways to improve senior’s physical health and increase their social and emotional well being. You don’t need to leave the house, just find a clear spot on the floor and play good music to convince your seniors into dancing. Though the dance steps and movements can be simple and minimal, yet dancing itself can transform your seniors from being lonely or sad to being happy and alive.

2. Mall Walking

Mall walking is another great way to keep your senior love ones active during the winter months. Indoor shopping centers are perfect for walking because their level surfaces prevent seniors from slip and fall. Malls are well-lit, have accessible rest rooms, water fountains, benches or other areas to rest, and have security staff to make them a safe place to walk. While in the shopping mall, your seniors might also grab the opportunity to buy and stock up items and gifts at a lower price since most stores usually offer big discounts during winter holidays.

3. Swimming

Swimming in winter? Yes! Most big hotels, recreational centers and gyms have heated indoor pools where your senior loved ones can enjoy. Swimming is one of the low-impact activities for older adults — great for joints and muscles and it is particularly good for people suffering from arthritis.

4. Reading

Spending time with a book your seniors really enjoy can increase their level of happiness, but to read books with their grandchildren can bring more fun and delight. Get them books like How to Babysit a Grandma and How to Babysit a Grandpa to celebrate the special connection between grandparents and grandkids. Reading books with grandchildren can set our senior’s heart aflame in this cold winter months.

5. Cooking or Baking

Being in the kitchen brings happiness and a sense of fulfillment to our senior loved ones. Cooking or baking is a simple way to ease boredom and loneliness. Spending time together planning a meal or baking holiday treats is a social activity that boosts your senior’s morale and gives them a sense of purpose.

6. Arts & Crafts

Engaging in arts and crafts for seniors is an awesome way to keep the winter blues at bay. Likewise, arts and crafts like painting, knitting, quilting and lettering doesn’t only wards off loneliness, but it is beneficial to overall health and well being of our senior loved ones.

Winter season should not cause our seniors to get bored and isolated, but there are more fun and exciting holiday activities to keep them engaged and active without being out in the cold.

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