7 Simple Habits for Healthy Aging

Elderly people are more prone to illnesses and other health issues, including diabetes, heart attack, stroke, lung disease, dementia, Alzheimer, chronic pain and some types of cancer. While we can’t control every factor that affects health as we age, we can help reduce the risk of these many medical conditions by having a healthy lifestyle— and thus remain active and fit the rest of our life.

Here are easy 7 healthy habits for elderly people to maintain a good quality of life.

  1. Eat right

Research shows that our metabolism slows down with age, so load up on high-fiber fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and low-fat dairy. Avoid fatty meats, butter, sugar, salt and processed foods.

  1. Keep hydrated

As we age, the ability to be aware of and respond to thirst gradually deteriorates and as a consequence the elderly are prone to dehydration. Be sure to drink plenty of water during the day to stay active and energized.

  1. Get sound sleep

Insomnia (frequent waking) in the night is common among the elderly. Keep the bedroom conducive to sleep by making it comfortable, quiet and cool. Avoid caffeine in the evening; don’t take a nap for more than 20 minutes during the day and VitalSleep can help you get the quality sleep that you deserve and wake up recharged and refreshed.

  1. Exercise daily

Aim to exercise for 30 minutes every day and long walks is one of the best physical exercises for older adults. Daily exercise helps reduce depression and anxiety, improves memory and increases metabolism.

  1. Stay connected

Time spent with family and friends will help the elderly stay connected. Catch up with old friends or make new friends and have fun. Join your local community for seniors and do volunteer works with them.

  1. Focus on prevention

Stay updated on immunizations and other health screenings for cholesterol level, breast and colon cancer, heart problems and other health concerns that qualify for Medicare coverage.  Get vaccinations to help prevent pneumonia and influenza.

  1. Manage stress

Learn the art of positive thinking.  Find ways to manage stress and depression—it can be relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga. However, if you are struggling with depression or anxiety seek professional advice and assistance.

According to study, part of how well and long we live is in our genes, but a lot of it is in our own hands. Start living a healthy lifestyle now to experience healthy aging.  

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