8 Most Common Safety Hazards for Seniors

8 Most Common Safety Hazards for Seniors

Our senior loved ones become more prone to trips, falls and sustain injuries as they get older. The older they get, the harder it is for them to get healed and recovered from injuries that can cause emotional and mobility issues. The injury from a bad fall can take a toll on the independence and mobility of seniors or worse can be a major cause of death among the elderly.

Poor eyesight, limited mobility, difficulty with balance, medication and safety hazards inside or outside their homes are some of the factors that cause trips and falls to elderly.

Here are the most common safety hazards for your elderly you should always consider.

1. Carpets, Rugs and other Floor Coverings

Rugs and carpets that are loose or not properly secured, as well as wood and tile floors are one of the major culprits of trips and falls among the elderly. So make sure to fix loose rugs with a double adhesive tape and eliminate throw carpets to prevent your elderly from trip and fall. Likewise, with slippery surfaces such as wood floors and tile floors, ensure that your aging parent is wearing non slippery shoes, but it they are uncomfortable with shoes, you can buy them non-slip socks with super grips at sole of socks that can prevent falling or losing balance.

2.Clutter and Obstructed Walkways

Clutter which can be a great obstruction in the pathways or walkways is one of the main causes of trip and fall among the elderly in their homes in a senior community. Make sure that the path going to the bathroom, kitchen and other common areas are free from clutter and obstruction. If your senior loved one has lots of clutter lying around the pathways, help them organize their stuff in a storage space, or encourage them to sell, donate or discard things that they no longer need to prevent accumulation of clutter on the walkways. Check hallways, stairways, and rooms and make sure that everything is in place.

3. Poor Lighting

Poor lighting inside or outside the house can be a major cause of accidents. Your senior loved ones could trip over objects if the area is too dim, likewise if it’s too bright it may create a glare that will prevent them from seeing their surroundings clearly. Thus, make sure that you keep their home well lit and install curtains or blinds on windows that may cause glare.

4. Stairs that is steep and long.

Staircases can be a big concern for seniors because of the uneven surface and can cause a fall to occur. Thus, installing handrails in stairways is a great way to prevent falls from happening. Nevertheless, if your senior loved ones have difficulty walking up the stairs, it may be time for them to move to a one-storey house or if relocation isn’t possible, ensure that they have a bedroom and bathroom downstairs.

5. Toilets and Bathrooms

It can be a safety hazard for your elderly to get up from a lower toilet seat, so consider installing a taller toilet seat and grab bars so they don’t need to squat down low and to help them get up. Also, add non-slip mats to the bathrooms, bathtubs and showers that can become a major safety hazard when wet.

6. Chairs and sofas

Chairs and sofas could be a safety hazard, so make sure your loved one has a chair with sturdy armrests to help them sit and stand. Likewise, make sure that the chair or sofa they sit in has adequate backrests to support them and prevent a fall.

7. Electric Cords

A cord lying loose across the middle of a walkway can be a major culprit to trip and fall among the elderly. Thus, rearrange the lamps and other electronics to keep the cords near the walls and ensure that the pathways are clear from obstruction.

8. Clothes and Shoes

Any loose clothing is hazardous because it can get easily caught on doors, windows or furniture causing your senior loved ones to slip and fall. Also, your senior loved ones should avoid wearing shoes or any other footwear that could have an impact on their balance. Make sure your senior loved one wears non-slick socks and comfortable shoes/footwear that won’t slip and slide when hit slick surfaces.

These are the most common safety hazards for seniors that you should always consider as a senior caregiver. However, providing your seniors with a medical alert system will give them a sense of security that they will receive prompt attention and assistance in the event of a fall or emergency. Likewise, this medical alert device will give you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will get help immediately in case of a bad fall.

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