Aging Gracefully: Pro Tips to Age Well

Each day is a challenge when you get older — from getting out of your bed in the morning to getting to sleep in the evening; every step is really a challenge.  However, getting older brings us new opportunities to inspire and serve not only our family and relatives but also our community and society as a whole. Older adults who are happy, healthy and active can still be a valuable asset to their family and to the community rather than a burden.

Here are pro tips to age gracefully and to make the golden years of your life happy, healthy productive, engaging and rewarding.

  1. Maintain A Positive Attitude.

Keeping a positive attitude towards circumstances and people around us can help improve our overall well being, that includes our health and disposition. Engage with life; maintain activities that are meaningful to you, such as gardening, journaling, handcrafting, lettering and calligraphy, etc. Explore and learn new things to keep you going.  Aging gracefully is a matter of maintaining a positive outlook on life itself, regardless of what life throws at you.

  1. Manage Your Stress.

Stress is a part of growing up and it cannot be avoided, but a high-stress level is detrimental to your general well being.  Thus it is so essential to keep a positive attitude to help you manage and reduce your stress levels. Mindfulness and meditation is a great way to maintain a positive outlook.  Whenever you feel stressed and pressured, go for a walk in the park and breathe fresh air. Make it a point to engage in some physical activities and make it a part of your daily routine.  Regular physical exercise will also help you get better sleep. Don’t get involved in anything more than you can handle. Create environments where you can feel secure and make choices.

  1. Keep Your Social Connections

Do not isolate yourself, but maintain your social connections with your friends, colleagues, and relatives. Join a club or go to places were of your age gather to learn something new and at the same time broaden your horizon and social network. Build relationships that nurture you.  For instance, if you love gardening, find a community garden to meet old and new friends while serving a common purpose–growing edible and ornamental plants and beautifying your neighborhood together. Or get involved in a local event or community that is most significant to you and impart your wisdom and skills to others —that way you give back to your community.

  1. Get Involved In Brain Activities

To keep your thinking sharp and to prevent memory loss, get involved in activities that require the use of your brain. It can be as simple as reading books, journaling and writing, listening to audiobooks, playing board games, solving Sudoku or crossword puzzle, etc.  You can also engage in arts and crafts for seniors that help improve coordination skills and keep the brain sharp.

  1. Engage in Physical Exercise

To boost your productivity and maintain your health in your golden years, engage in physical exercises ideal for seniors. Physical exercise will not only keep you physically fit, but it improves energy and memory and alleviates depression. If you are not exercising before, it is not too late, do your part and have an exercise program approved by your physician. Keep in mind to exercise and be active while keeping your safety. You may want to have a medical alert device that can track your vitals and allows you to call for medical assistance. Exercise and be active, it adds more years to your life.

  1. Eat Nutritious Foods

Though there are changes in your body as you get older like a decreased sense of smell and taste and slower metabolism, which affects your appetite, it is now more vital to keep healthy eating habits. Eat food high in fiber, these foods will give you energy and also aids in digestion. Also, stay hydrated to keep you energized and sharp. You can also consult your doctor or nutritionist for advice on what foods you can have and what to avoid.

  1. Keep a Medical Journal

Maintain a journal and a calendar of your medical and dental checkups and doctor appointments so you will not miss any of them. Refrain from any unhealthy habits or vices you might have, such as smoking or drinking. Ask for medical assistance whenever you have sleep disorders like insomnia, snoring and sleep apnea. A good night’s sleep is vital to our general well being and as we age a restful sleep is more beneficial than ever. A snoring device can help you reduce or stop snoring and give you a restful sleep.

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