Black Friday Shopping Tips For Seniors

Big discounts, which means big savings on purchases is one of the most important benefits of shopping on Black Friday,  and Black Friday deals  are particularly beneficial to seniors on a budget.  Most seniors have fixed income and Black Friday is a great opportunity for them to get the best deals on items they cannot afford to buy at any time of the year.  Nevertheless, this most exciting and biggest shopping day can be intimidating for everyone, most especially for seniors.

Here are 5 Black Friday shopping tips for seniors to make the most of it.

  1. Plan Ahead

Black Friday deals can be exciting and overwhelming, so help your senior loved ones plan in advance what items they want to get for themselves and for holiday gifts to give to grandkids, family, friends and relatives this season of giving. Make a list of stuff they want to purchase and look up for stores where they can get those items.  Planning in advance what to buy and where to buy will reduce the amount of time you spend waiting in the long line and help you choose the stores you only need to visit in the shopping mall.

  1. Stick to Your Budget

Doorbuster deals are intended to catch a shopper’s attention into a store, but with offering of big discounts and deals on purchases in the shopping mall could leave you buying unnecessary things. So stick to your budget — remember that knowing what you are buying and what is really needed is an essential factor in your Black Friday shopping trip.

  1. Consider Comfort and Safety

Black Friday can be tiring and overwhelming – crowded shopping mall and spending hours in lines throughout the day. So, make sure your elderly loved ones wear comfortable clothes and sneakers, and let them wear a medical alert device to feel safe and secure enough to move about since some stores can get a little chaotic.

  1. Keep Receipts and Know Return Policies

Black Friday can be exciting and you and your senior loved ones can easily get carried away in low prices and sometimes lead to impulsive purchases. Tell your senior loved ones and friends in senior communities to keep their receipts during Black Friday in case they need to return the items they bought, and make sure to know the Black Friday Return Policies.

  1. Consider online shopping

If your senior loved ones have limited mobility or other health issues that restrain them from mall shopping on Black Friday, then online shopping is a good option. Your senior loved ones can still avail of good deals and discounts and skip the crowds and lines.

Black Friday shopping is beneficial for seniors — this is a fantastic time for them  to enjoy big discounts and deals on apparel, accessories, home appliances, electronics, bedding, shoes, holiday gifts, etc. and at the same time encourage them to be socially active which is favorable to their overall health and well being.


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