Fun and Easy Crafts for the Elderly

Fun and Easy Crafts for the Elderly

Having a hobby for the elderly is important — it is a great way to prevent boredom, stress, anxiety or depression. And, crafting is one of the activities that stimulates the mind and improves overall health.

Here are some easy crafts ideas for the elderly that will bring joy in your senior years.

Pottery: This therapeutic activity is popular for the elderly. It is a great mood enhancer that improves mind, focus and provide a health benefits for the body as it exercise the wrists, hands and arms. Attending ceramic class will also help you to improve your cognition, communication and social skills.

Scrapbooking: Working or making a scrapbook is a great way to reminisce the past through sorting your keepsake and photograph. This craft activity can boost memory, reduce stress and enhance artistic skills. Enjoy decorating your scrapbook by buying colorful pens, stickers, stamps or washi tapes.

Knitting or Crocheting: These craft activities are well known for the elderly — it improves hand-eye coordination and a great way to maintain fine motor skills. Connect and find a knitting community in your area and share your works and ideas with them.

Journaling: Having a journal is vital for the elderly — it will make you active and happy by writing your thoughts, experience and memories. It also enhances your creativity, improves hand dexterity, memory and helps relieve stress. Bible journaling is also popular nowadays — this kind of journal can help you to have a closer walk with God through reading the Bible, writing your thoughts, prayers and decorating it at the same time.

There are many fun and easy crafts ideas for seniors that you can do such as photography, drawing, painting, coloring, jewelry or candle making. Remember, it is not too late for seniors to learn something new. Engaging in these activities will build social life, prevent downtime, increases your self esteem and knowledge.

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