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How To Celebrate Grandparents Day

The elderly are highly respected by our society for their value, wisdom and heritage. And for many families, Grandparents Day (which is celebrated every first Sunday of September after Labor Day) is an awesome opportunity to celebrate and honor the unparalleled contributions of their guidance and vast experience to the growth and strength of our family. 

Here are simple ways to celebrate Grandparents Day with your senior loved ones.

  1. Surprise them with special gifts.

Since the cold season is coming, surprising  your elderly loved ones with something special and valuable like throw blankets, non slippery socks, hats or beanies, gloves, leg warmers, sweaters, etc. will not only  keep them warm and comfortable, but will make them feel loved and valued . Keeping the elderly warm in cold months allows them to know that you really care. 

  1. Spend precious time with them.

Remember, Grandparents Day is for the elderly, so don’t try to do or insist on what you want to do.  Instead, allow them to do whatever they want to do. For instance, if your elderly parents or loved ones want to visit the houses where they grew up or some other memorable places, take them there if possible. If they want to play a favorite board game from their youth or if they want to watch their favorite movie – do it together as a family. Whatever they want to do, just appreciate and relish the moment you’re spending time with them.

  1. Reminisce fond thoughts and memories with them.

Grandparents Day is an awesome occasion to encourage your senior loved ones to reminisce  about fond thoughts and memories that they enjoy telling over and over.  Recollect memories by looking at old photographs, albums, old stuff and gifts, compiling a record of their favorite music and songs from their youth, talking about hobbies or pastimes, visiting places they once lived, and many more topics that you can talk about to help them reminisce and make them feel valued and appreciated.

  1. Learn new things with them. 

Ask your grandparents for a lesson on their favorite hobbies. You can spend the day together to cook a few of your grandma’s favorite recipes, or perhaps you go fishing or learn gardening with your grandpa.  Or you can encourage them to learn fun and easy crafts for the elderly like knitting, crocheting, wood crafting, lettering and calligraphy, scrapbooking and journaling.  Or perhaps if both of you love reading, share with them the new set of inspirational books that you are currently reading.  Learning new hobbies for the elderly is a great way to prevent boredom, stress, anxiety, depression and memory loss. 

  1. Throw a simple party for them.

One of the most awesome ways to surprise your elderly loved ones on Grandparents Day is to have a party or get-together dedicated just for them, inviting some old friends and relatives.  Encourage everyone to say a few words to honor them and talk about how your elderly loved ones had touched and influenced their lives. It’s also a good idea that every member of the family brings any gift for your grandparents as an expression of gratitude and appreciation.

  1. Reaffirm your love to them.

Show your love and compassion to elderly , not only with flowers, cards and gifts, but most especially with your warm hugs and kisses – after all love and care is what they really need. If your grandparents live in a distant place, send them video calls, text messages, ecards, emails– let your elderly know that you care in any possible way. 

These are simple ways to remember and celebrate you senior loved ones in Grandparents Day. How do you celebrate this special day with your elderly loved ones?  Feel free to share your thoughts. 

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