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How to Motivate Seniors to Walk on a Regular Basis

Walking is one of the most common and simple forms of exercise that our senior loved ones can do. It has many great benefits for their overall health and it can lower the risk of having health problems such as osteoporosis and heart disease. Nevertheless, if your senior loved ones are having a hard time or don’t have the motivation to do walking exercise regularly, don’t fret!

Here are some tips to encourage your senior loved ones to walk on a regular basis.


  1. Be your senior loved ones exercise or walking buddy.

The easiest way to motivate your senior loved ones to exercise is to accompany them. Invite your senior loved ones to go for a walk with you or with your family on a daily basis. Short walks are great for them so, take them to the nearest park in your area in the morning or in the afternoon. However, our senior loved ones may tend to walk slowly due to aging, so assist them accordingly.


2. Give them a good pair of shoes intended for walking and other gear.

Everyone needs a good pair of shoes, especially when you walk. Consider giving your senior loved ones a good pair of rubber shoes that matches their foot type. Having a comfortable shoe can improve their pace in walking and it also reduces the risk of falls and other injuries. Giving them a medical alert device that has the ability to monitor their vitals as a start-up reward is also a great scheme to motivate them. Thus, give them nice workout clothes such as shirts, pants, sports bra, and a shirt.


3. Allow them to choose a place or a location where they want to walk.

 Most of our senior loved ones are sentimental and they want to go in some familiar places like their favorite park or garden. So, allow them to choose where they want to go for a walk — taking some photographs with your senior loved ones is also a great idea to make your moments more enjoyable. Print some of your photographs and paste it in their journal or scrapbook. Walking in their favorite place while reminiscing the past will bring them happiness and will improve their quality of life. walking with pets is also a great idea for seniors — it is a stress-reliever and dogs are also known as great companions.

Motivating your senior loved ones to walk regularly can be challenging, so be patient with them and be a great, cheerful and enthusiastic exercise buddy for them. But, don’t forget to ask for their doctor’s permission first before engaging in this activity.


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